Welcome to the Chaos

Buckle up!

An explanation might be in order.  And a proper introduction.

I am a graduate of seminary training, waiting for call, in a church that has developed a very real dearth of full-time employment (a conversation for another time).  In the two years since graduation, I have discovered the wonderment and joy of supply preaching.  I log 300km to 500km a weekend, driving to and from up to two churches a Sunday – and I’m generally not in the same church from one Sunday to the next.  I love the work.  I especially love the variety of congregations and people, even within this small radius around Regina.  It gives me the opportunity to think on my feet, and it challenges me in my sermon preparation and writing.

Some time ago, I was asked by a friend if I could send an email of my sermon for that Sunday.  She wasn’t going to be at church that week and still wanted to have a sermon.  Until that moment, the only person who was getting a sermon in a written format was my mother!  I agreed, and what followed was an interesting conversation about how people process information.  This person appreciated the ability to read over something and think on it and read it again – it was a different experience from sitting in a church, but it was also a valuable one.  And one that is all too familiar to me as a “visual/physical” learner: the Word of God comes in a variety of ways.

Over time I started sending sermons to a couple more friends via email at their request.  I appreciated the feedback, commentary, and questions that were emailed back.  To be honest, anything more than the typical “good sermon, pastor” was a welcome treat.  I really appreciated those emails because they help me grow as I wrestle with the texts and open myself to what God wants to say through me.  And then a couple more people overheard that I was emailing sermons, and “could you please add me to your list?”  I had a conversation with my husband about it and he suggested starting a mailing list to organize all the names (he’s clever like that).  The genius that I was decided to ask the FBook world if there were more people who were interested in receiving these sermons.  The response was nice; wonderful, really.  A savvy colleague (smart lady, you know who you are) suggested that I ought to consider a blog.

Honesty time again: the wind went right out of me.  A blog?  I tried that through my seminary days (visit http://www.semliving.blogspot.ca/  for a walk down memory lane…)  The biggest struggle I had with blogging was remembering to do it or having content.  There was also this feeling of a crushing weight of narcissism as I grew to think that no one cared and no one was reading it, followed by incredible guilt when I would receive an email from someone who noticed that I hadn’t written anything in months and was worried about me. That was a cycle that I didn’t need, or want.

So, I have an aversion to blogs.

But, I also recognize the value to access.  Maybe some people like to hear a sermon spoken from the front of a church.  Maybe some would rather receive an email.  And maybe some people want to be able to add it to their repertoire of blogs and articles on their internets.  I like to think that I am a big advocate for a variety of ways to inform oneself.  This blog will be one of those ways (I hope).

I am going to post a sermon the morning of every Sunday that I preach.  You are welcome to read it and comment with any feedback you might have.  If you spend some time on this blog, you’ll see that I also take pictures of the places I go.  From time to time, I will post those pictures for you to enjoy also, and you can feel like a sidekick in my trusty car, ramblin’ down the road.  Also, check out who I am reading too – you might discover the crazy interconnectedness and rich variety of God’s world like I have.

So, again, I invite you to buckle up.  Here we go.


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