New Goal: Survive the Chaos

When I started this blog, I was a supply preacher awaiting a call to Ordained Ministry of Word and Sacrament (which is really just a fancy way of saying: I was waiting to get a job as a pastor in some church).me

Well, it happened.

I’m a pastor now!

This was me at the Ordination service… don’t I look happy.  It was a great day, full of wonderful worship and a really happy occasion.  The most common word I heard was: Finally.


So, I am a pastor, called to serve two congregations in one parish, just outside of the city where I live.

The people are wonderful, and the job seems to be ticking along.

By the grace of God we will continue to get to know each other, begin to trust, and thrive as we seek to take part in what it is that God is doing in the world around us.

In the little time that this blog has been going, I have come to better understand the value of access.  Maybe some people like to hear a sermon spoken from the front of a church.  Maybe some would rather receive an email.  And maybe some people want to be able to add it to their repertoire of blogs and articles on their internets.  I like to think that I am a big advocate for a variety of ways to inform oneself.  Even though I have the task of working and preaching in a constant context, I intend for this blog to continue to be one of the ways people can get informed and provoked in thought (I hope).

I am going to continue to post a sermon the day of every Sunday that I preach.  You are welcome to read it and comment with any feedback you might have.  If you spend some time on this blog, you’ll see that I also take pictures of the places I go.  From time to time, I will post those pictures for you to enjoy also, and you can feel like a sidekick in my trusty car, ramblin’ down the road.  Also, check out who I am reading too – you might discover the crazy interconnectedness and rich variety of God’s world like I have.

Hope you’re still buckled in, it’s much easier to survive together.

~ Pastor Z +



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